ACAF Competition Management

The Competition Management application is a sample base application, used to demonstrate the usage of A Common Application Framework (ACAF)

A Sample Application using ACAF

The "Competition Management" application is a sample base application, used to demonstrate the usage of "A Common Application Framework" (ACAF).

The application can be used to run a competition where teams
play against each other like a basketball, soccer or football competition. The teams can be registered with their players for the competition. The competition may be structured with rounds, groups and pairings. Team-classifications represent a team playing in a group or pairing. Teams are usually distributed to the groups of the first round by a draw. So, the team-classifications in the groups of the first round usually reference a registered team. In the following rounds teams, which reached a certain place in the preceding round play against each other. So the team-classifications reference a team-classification at this position in a group or pairing of the preceding round, e.g. "First of group A" against "Second of group B".

Competitions can be stored in a relational database and serialized/deserialized to/from an XML file. The package contains all sources, compiled classes, scripts to create the database tables and to compile the message files using the Message Compiler and the JavaDoc documentation files.

A detailed documentation of the "Competition Management" application can be found on the documentation site. To compile and run the application you need to download ACAF.


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