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This store contains products from TMASoft. Currently only the programming tool Message Compiler is offered. But a common application framework for Java is coming soon, so stay tuned ...


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    Message Compiler

    The Message Compiler is a programming tool, used to internationalize applications, by compiling a message file, which contains text definitions and documentation in different languages. It produces several output files, like resource files, programming language specific class or header files with constant definitions for the text keys and HTML documentation pages.

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    A Common Application Framework (ACAF)

    The Common Application Framework (ACAF) is used as base to implement technology-free, robust and clean business classes of an application, which should be connected to different other frameworks, without affecting the business classes itself. It includes an O/R mapping package, used to store business objects in a relational database and classes to serialize and deserialize business objects to/from XML documents.

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    ACAF Address Book

    The Address Book application is a sample base application, used to demonstrate the usage of A Common Application Framework (ACAF).

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